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A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax that gives you the ability to live demo your code.


Interactive Presentations

Add clickable elements and other interactivity to make your presentations pop.

Live-Preview Your Code

Show people more than just a code block - demo the final project in real-time without leaving your presentation deck.

Auto-Size Text, Image Dimming, and More

On top of all of Spectacle's helpful features, you can also make your presentation look amazing with auto-formatting, easy themeing abilities, image dimming, and lots of other fun touches

Code Preview

Get Started

There are several flexible options for getting started with Spectacle, using either JSX or MDX syntax - dive into the documentation to see all the ways you can get a presentation up and running.


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An ecosystem of modular data visualization components for React. Friendly and flexible.

Development Dashboards

Dashboards to organize and intuitively display your dev server and tooling output.

React Animations

A collection of animations that can be used with many inline style libraries, such as Radium or Aphrodite.

Enzyme Matchers

Run common assertions on your React components using Enzyme in a Jest or Jasmine environment.

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