Performance Testing & Auditing

Improved application metrics with deep code introspection, system-wide optimization, and architecture assessment

What We Do

Hunting for opportunities to make an application or website faster and leaner is immediately rewarding. We aim to improve application metrics with deep code introspection, system-wide optimization, and architecture assessment.

How We Do it

Our experienced engineers uncover measurable improvement of your end-user experience through optimizations in time to first paint, bootstrap times, bundle splits, and caching. We identify opportunities for structural optimizations like deduplication and parsing speedups. Lastly, we deliver application-specific insights and recommendations through detailed profiling, plus assistance with off-the-shelf and custom tooling for continued analysis.

What We Use

To assess browser performance we use the browser's developer tools, Lighthouse, and PWMetrics. To tune React applications we reach for public and custom React performance profilers. When we are optimizing JavaScript bundles we use Source Map Explorer, Inspectpack, Bundlephobia, and code-spitting. We also write our own profilers and continuous integration tools to tune and monitor performance.

"Formidable's scientific approach not only helped us tackle our most immediate speed problems, they set us up for long-term performance success. Our website is considerably more snappy than previously, and our customers are clearly happy about it!"

— Aaron Buxbaum, Tech Lead

Case Studies

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Auditing Code + Removing Inefficiencies = Increased Performance & Conversions

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React Native Pharmacy

Improved Performance, Speed and User Experience on Mobile Apps with React Native

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